Why hello there hooman worshippers,

I've decided it's about time an actual feline wrote about these pussy products because really, what would a hooman know?!

So, without fur-ther adieu, let me present the Cat Window Hammock by Pidan. If I'm completely honest, this thing has changed my life. 

As you may or may not know, we cats love looking out windows, but this takes it to a whole new level (quite literally!). Unlike sitting on a windowsill, I can lounge in purrfect comfort whilst surveying my territory like the queen I am. The thick cotton-linen blend of the hammock fabric feels great against my fur or, when I'm feeling pawticularly frisky, I sometimes command the hoomans to pop the complementary scratcher on board. There's nothing like scratching whilst sitting in the sky!

For some reason, lying in the hammock really brings out my playful side. I usually start by ordering a hooman to throw me up a catnip toy and then the craziness really begins! What is it about that green stuff?! I turn into a wild tiger, biting and kicking and rolling around. I love it too when a hooman sticks their hand in and I "mistake it" for a toy and give it a good old gnaw. Haha, they're such idiots.

All this really puts the hammock's sturdiness to the test. Did you know it's designed to hold a whopping 15kg. Imagine the size of that chonk!! 

 And, of course, being the refined feline I am, it's not just about comfort and safety, looks are also important. The Pidan Cat Window Hammock fleatures the most stylish materials; felt, wool-linen, beech, and pawticularly cool orange and green acrylic sides, all in a sleek, minimalist design. That team at Pidan really know how to combine form and function!

Last, but not least, is the fact that the hammock is a place to escape. When I'm in my hammock, hooman hands can reach me (see earlier mention) but they can't get their enormous faces all up in mine. The short one has even more restricted access which is just as well - she's pawticuarly needy. Now, thankfully, the hoomans haven't introduced those weird, noisy tiny hoomans to the household, or (heaven forbid!) a d-creature!! But for those poor feline souls who have to put up with such indignities, the hammock is a god send. Ask my furiend Layla (@layla.leroy.nz). Her hoomans did get a d-creature (fur the love of catnip, why!?) and her hammock is her sanctuary. Look at that stoopid dog - he doesn't have a chance of getting up there!

Well, I really could go on, but it's time for me to have a nap in my hammock. Goodbye. Yes, it's time for you to leave. As in now. Go away!

Yours amazingly,

Suzi Q 🐾