Last Call Cats Playing Cards


This quality playing card deck is suited for a night on the town with bar-crawling, beer-drinking cats! 

With custom court cards, a unique card back design, two jokers, and a sturdy, travel-friendly box, this deck is perfect for poker, blackjack, rummy, solitaire and, of course, go fish.

And it's not just beer on the menu - the set features Kings, Queens and Jacks enjoying darts, billiards pretzels and even the odd martini!

Designed by artists Arna Miller and Ravi Zupa who have a penchant for drunken pussies. Check out their drunken cats greeting cards and our interview with Arna in the Fang & Fur Mews!

Deck of 52 standard playing cards plus 2 jokers.
Cards are printed with a premium blue core for durability and good shuffleability.
Sturdy slide-out box.