Chloe Or - The Florist & Her Cat


Open edition digital print, 2021

Giclée print on 230gsm 100% cotton fibre base, a smooth archival bright white paper, printed with UltraChrome archival inks.

420 x 297mm (framed)

Framed in a 15mm black frame. Ready to hang.

Artist Bio:
Chloe Or (also known as Chloe de la Lune) is an illustrator and portrait artist based in Auckland. She is a first-generation migrant from Hong Kong. She loves to tell stories with her artwork using subjects such as people, animals and flowers with a fantasy twist to intrigue and connect with the viewer. Her inspiration comes from nature, stories, and the art of the Pre-Raphaelites. Her art is created with a range of traditional and digital media such as oils, Photoshop and the Procreate

"I want to contribute to the auction because it is a celebration of the beauty of animals and art, and brings together communities of people striving for positive change. As an artist, I want to create art that is meaningful and can help save lives".

The Artwork:
"I’ve always been fascinated by stories of shop cats, and some of my favourite things to paint are people and flowers. So I thought, why not paint the three together in one portrait? The painting highlights the loving relationship in a fictional narrative between an owner and her cat. It also explores the use of colour and abstraction, applied in loose and poetic strokes. It took me about thirty hours to paint."