Viky Garden - Billy Washing


Hydrocal plaster sculpture

Edition 2/5, 2013, signed by the artist.

55 x 60 x 37mm

Artist Bio:
Viky Garden is a multi award-winning, multi disciplined socio-political artist whose work is held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, USA, and Europe. She has created a consistent and focused body of work dating back 30 years. 

Viky Garden: "My catalogue of work is specifically figurative, I primarily explore the nature of impermanence and similar themes that reflect personal and universal aspects of the female experience."

"I wanted to be included in the Cat Art Auction because I believe very much in what they are supporting. Care and love of an animal in need is something we all have the ability to bestow. It’s a very simple kindness. In return, aside from the knowledge that we can help make an animal safe in trying conditions, we are a conduit for the unconditional love a pet then so willingly gives to its owner."

The Artwork:
"Billy Knuckles was an ex-street cat whom we adopted from the SPCA. He was suffering depression and it took two carers to extract him from the cupboard he was hiding in. He needed time, peace and love and we gave it to him in abundance. What we received in return was a little cat who simply kept blooming (surprising himself along the way). He made a place here that was unique. He was a defender (hence the name) and despite some serious injuries (a dislocated shoulder) and cripplingly expensive vet visits (he had a lifelong gut issue), we loved him to death. We know he loved us too."

"The sculpture is a small work initially made out of clay, which I then made a mould of and made a small edition of 5 pieces from hydrocal plaster (a very hard plaster)."