Michelle Yandle - Freddie Purrcury


Acrylic on canvas

46 x 35mm

Stretched canvas on wooden frame. Ready to hang.

Artist Bio
Michelle Yandle, cat lover and founder of The Empowered Eating Centre, has loved art for as long as she can remember. Michelle first started taking lessons when she was 8 years old and stuck with it for another 10. Having tried ballet, guides, singing lessons and guitar amongst other things - art was the only thing she stuck with. Then the inevitable happened, college, work and having zero time. Fast forward to 2021 when she finally went back to classes and this painting is the result.

"I wanted to donate it to the auction because I have been a lover of Fang & Fur for a long time and this auction is a great way to raise funds to help people and animals in need."

The Artwork
"Introducing Freddie Purrcury - the second of 4 fur babies and the slickest of the slick. Black cats get such a bad rep and are often the last to get adopted but I hope someone sees this painting and loves black cats as much as I do."