Snow House Litter Box


Has it ever occurred to you that your cat may want some privacy? Well, it's occurred to them!

Winner of a Red Dot Design Award, the minimalist, spherical design of the Snow House Litter Box provides your cat with space to carry out their ablutions discreetly.

Kitty enters via an interior corridor which leads to the litter area. This prevents litter tracking from the box, keeping your home clean. With a gentle lift of the cover, a seamless litter basin is revealed, including an ergonomic scoop with a comfortable grip for easy clean up.

The Snow House Litter Box employs IONPURE Japanese antibacterial technology.

Not recommended for pawticularly large cats / chonks over 7kg.

View a video of the Snow House Litter Box here!

NB: We can't ship this item outside of New Zealand (sorry!).

54.8 × 54.8 × 49.25cm

Strong, high quality ABS plastic.