Andy Warhol's 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy

Calling all creative cat lovers!

The Fang & Fur Feline Art Competition is on! There are 3 cat-egories: Adults, Kids 11-16yrs, and Kids 10yrs and under.

You can use any medium you like; paint, pencil, cat fur, you name it! The visual art form you go for is also entirely up to you. You might be a traditionalist and purrfur to paint or sculpt, or purrhaps macaroni collage is more your thing? The
one cat-ch is that it must depict a cat, or have some sort of feline element!

Feline Art Competition judge Evie Kemp. Read more on Fang & Fur.
  • One entry per purrson.
  • Please specify which category the entry applies to.
  • Kids, please tell us how old you are.
  • Email images of your entry to
  • Please include your Instagram handle so we can fleature your work!
  • Competition runs from Tuesday 11th May – June 1st 2021.
  • Please see below for further T&C’s.

The winners will be chosen by designer and artist Evie Kemp!

We’re very excited to have Evie Kemp onboard as our judge. Evie is a serious mover and shaker in the design world, and is known for her maximalist, super colourful aesthetic.

Her work spans interiors, styling, art, design, and fashion. Check out her creations over on Instagram, including her South Auckland home which is an artwork in itself! Evie has also recently released an e-book: ‘Much’ – The Enthusiasts Guide to Maximalist Interiors. 

Evie started out making art prints, often depicting cats (and a lesser species known as dogs). She even created a Zombie Cats Calendar back in 2013! Oh how we wish she would reissue it!

So what, you may be asking, is Evie looking for in the entries? Well, according to Evie: “It’s really important for me to see the personality in each piece! Cat’s are wonderful weirdos and they’re all different. I’d really love to see that
expressed in your art in whatever way you choose!”

Franz Marc's Zwei Katzen

Category 1: Adults

The winner of the Adults Category will receive a prize pack worth over $300!:

Category 2: Kids 11-16yrs

The winner of the Kids 11-6yrs category will receive a prize pack worth over NZ$150!:

Louis Wain's Kaleidescope Cat III
  • Skateboard Cat Scratcher
  • Monmon Cats Button Pack
  • Pizza Catnip Toy
  • Sassy Kitten Keychain 
  • Cat Butt Pin
  • Tebori Cats Sticker

Category 3: Kids 10yrs and under

The winner of the Kids 10yrs and under category will receive a prize pack worth over NZ$150!:

  • Rainbow Cat Scratcher
  • Monmon Cats Button Pack
  • Kitty Cone Catnip Toy
  • Sassy Kitten Keychain 
  • Cat Butt Pin
  • Dia de los Muertos Cat Sticker


The first inspurration image above is from Andy Warhol's book 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy. The next amazing piece is Franz Marc's Zwei Katzen, and the third is Louis Wain's Kaleidescope Cat III. If you need a little more help getting the creative juices flowing, check out Cat Art on Facebook, or look up the Fang & Fur blog on Andy Warhol. You might also be inspired by our range of Niaski cards depicting famous artists as cats!