Paw-some possibilities

Here at Fang & Fur, we understand your cat compulsion. No other creature quite measures up. Cats can be cool and crazy, graceful and goofy, affectionate and aloof. They're also, among many other things, hilarious as hell! Basically, they're magical creatures we're lucky enough to live with.

For this reason, we have searched near and far to bring you a carefully curated range of high quality, designer cat goods – along with cool pieces for you, the human devotee. We source our goods from small companies and independent makers around the globe, as well as offering our own in-house, NZ made range. From luxury leather collars handcrafted in Auckland, to NZ's most comprehensive range of cat cards, we’re sure there’s plenty to fuel your feline addiction!

Meet the team

Caroline: Fang & Fur Founder
Caroline founded Fang & Fur in 2019 after realising that New Zealand is seriously lacking in cool, quality cat products. To add further insult to felinity, it came to her attention that most high end pet retailers treat cats as a side note to ‘D’ creatures - how rude! As a result, Fang & Fur is all about cats, cats, and only cats!
Caroline is the lucky companion of Suzi Q and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Suzi Q: Muse, Product Tester, Style Maven & Meowdel
Named after Suzi Quatro and the classic rock n roll tune “Susie Q”, she appropriately has an innate sense of bad-arse-ness. Suzi Q is effortlessly chic, has a natural attraction to animal print, and excels in ladder climbing and landing perfectly on precarious perches.