Tom Sainsbury & Gingerbread. Cats of the Lockdown Competition. Read it on Fang & Fur.

It’s been a strange few weeks for us all, but here at Fang & Fur HQ, the big, bright, shining light has been receiving your amazing entries for the Cats of the Lockdown Competition! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve swooned, we’ve “oooooed”, but ultimately, the decision as to which pussies should be the winners was not ours. This challenge was put to comedian and SnapChat dude Tom Sainsbury.

Tom, a keen observer of feline behaviour (as demonstrated through his character Gingerbread), was an obvious choice for the role. Being the true professional that he is, he took the challenge very seriously: “As you can imagine, I had a very difficult time choosing winners. And the ones I eventually chose won by a whisker!” It wasn’t all agonising decision making though: “I loved looking at all your wee furry friends. It was very entertaining. But there can only be one winner per cat-egory. So, without further adieu…”

Best Work from Home Helper: Nugget

Tom Sainsbury's Work From Home Helper Cat Winner. Read it on Fang & Fur.

Nugget is a beautiful ginger boy from Motueka. His hooman, Anna, works for a seafood company so it’s not surprising that Nugget is very interested in her line of work. As Tom put it: “I felt out of all the cats that Nugget looked the most professional and the most focused on the task at hand. I would love Nugget to be part of my team, that’s for sure”. We’ve been informed that Nugget has been seriously spoiled since his win was announced. Congratulations Nugget – you deserve it for all the hard work!

Best Cat Gone Crazy: Peanut

Peanut is a Devon Rex from Melbourne. He is also, according to his hooman Titian, chatty, mental, a nutbag and of course a peanut!! To add some context to the clip below of Peanut with an empty pet mince bag on his head, Titian explains: “After decanting the contents into containers, I had (stupidly) left the empty bag in the sink to answer my phone. When I returned I found my beloved thrashing about, seemingly stuck in said bag. Upon hearing my voice he panicked and starting thrashing in a more hearty manner”. We’re so pleased he did! 


Best Snuggle Muffin: Sadie

Tom Sainsbury's Best Snuggle Muffin Cat Winner. Read it now on Fang & Fur.Sadie is a dear wee lil tabby who was adopted early January from Cat Rescue Christchurch. She was originally a foster kitty but, for obvious reasons, her hooman Rochelle couldn’t give her up! Her winning picture captures yet another tough day in lockdown. It’s fair to say that Tom was quite taken with her: “Sadie got the biggest physical reaction from me. I just wanted to squeeze that little softy”. We do too!!! On hearing the news of Sadie’s win, her hooman Rochelle exclaimed: “This is great news! I never win anything, and still haven’t, my cat has haha”. If it’s any consolation Rochelle, we never win anything either.

 Best Hygiene Freak: Lola

Lovely Lola is a black beauty from Auckland. According to her hooman Nathalie, “she’s always had a thing for hands but she’s gone next level with handwashing during quarantine!”. Tom was very impressed with Lola’s dedication: “She is taking her cleaning very fastidiously and is an example we should all follow. Thanks Lola”. Perhaps you could hire Lola out in these hygiene conscious times Nathalie – just a thought? I think we could all do with a little Lola treatment (and it’s a better idea than injecting ourselves with disinfectant). Upon hearing of Lola’s big win, her hooman remarked: “Omg yay!!!! Haha, she’s such a weirdo but I am so proud!”. So are we Nathalie, so are we.


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