Cat Screen Print - Cat Fight!


"People think it's the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating. But it ain't so! It's the sickening grammar."

Inspired by this famous Mark Twain quote, artist Ravi Zupa has conjured up a cat boxing match! (There's also a Freudian cat quote snuck in there too!).

"This was a very fun poster to make! I looked at those old boxing, promotional posters from the last century. My neighborhood is teeming with stray cats. I hear these fellows fighting almost every night! They have a lot to work out!"

Hand screen printed on beautiful, heavy textured card - these prints are the real deal!


  • 3 colour screenprint, printed in Denver, Colorado
  • 28 x 43cm / 11 x 17 inches ( standard size for easy framing!)
  • Printed on 80lb card