Cat Art Print - Zodiac Cats


 Let the Zodiac Cats reveal your future!

Kazuaki 'Horitomo' Kitamura's 'Zodiac Cats' reproduced as a high-quality art print.

Horitomo is a Japanese artist and tattooist who combines cat motifs with traditional Japanese imagery to create Monmon Cats (Monmon is slang for "tattoo" in Japanese).

He has been tattooing for over twenty years and is well versed in Japanese tradition including tebori (Japanese hand tattooing). He currently works at State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, CA.

Monmon Cats was born out of a combination of Horitomo’s two great passions in life – tattoos and cats: “I feel that painting and drawing cats lets me borrow the cat’s powers”.

Large Print - 11" x 14" - standard size for easy framing!
Printed on high-quality, mid-weight, textured, acid free paper.