Cats in Spring Rain


This delightful little book pays homage to the cat through artfully curated Japanese poetry and prints.  

No one captures the graces and idiosyncrasies of cats quite like the painters, printmakers, and haiku masters of Japan. From the Edo to the Showa period, many artists turned their gaze toward an unlikely subject: their small feline companions.

Centuries before the emergence of cat memes and cat cafes, Japanese artists and writers perfected the practice of feline reverence. Cats played pivotal roles in folklore; they were the protectors of scriptures and symbols of good luck and wealth. They also proved to be a wonderful source of creative inspiration. 

This curated collection of poems, prints, and paintings will leave you inspired to cultivate the serenity and wonder embodied by these creators - and by the cats themselves. Presented as a sweet, jacketed paperback with thoughtful design touches, this volume includes each poem in both English and Japanese.

Featured writers include Bashō, Chiyo-ni, Issa, Shiki, and more - all icons of the haiku form.

Featured artists include Hokusai, Hiroshige, Yoshitoshi, and more.


  • 10.7 x 15.3cm
  • 144 pages