Cat Bowl - Meow Luxe - Black & Blush


Take feline design to a new level with the elevated Meow Luxe Cat Bowl in a killer combo of black and blush!

This slick set features a curved metal base, removable bowl and PVC dipped feet to prevent sliding.

Brought to you by Australian design label Bendo. Every one of their pieces is as pretty as it is ingenious, drawing inspiration from mid-century modernism, minimalism, architecture and sculpture.

The Meow Luxe Cat Bowl is beautifully presented in a sturdy black box.

150mm x 150mm x 68mm
Bowl Capacity: 350ml

Care Instructions:
We recommend avoiding washing your bowl in a dishwasher or using metal scourers. Harsh treatment may result in scratching the surface. Please note this coating has been certified food safe and will not harm your kitty. From time to time some discolouration may form on the copper. This can easily be removed with vinegar and salt: rub a mixture of 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 cup of white vinegar onto the copper with a soft cloth and rinse.