Cat Window Hammock


Does your cat love elevated spots? Sun bathing? Looking out windows? Well, they're in luck. Our Cat Window Hammock combines all three pussy penchants.

Let your kitty purruse their territory in style, or pop it on a street-facing window and they’ll be the hands-down star of the neighbourhood!

Brought to you by Pidan, a design brand dedicated to providing superior pet products. With their focus on quality materials and functional design, it’s no surprise they've won several notable design accolades including two Red Dot awards.

Design Details
Now, you may be asking, how sturdy is this Cat Window Hammock? Well, the answer is seriously sturdy!! The four large suction cups are super sucky, and all materials are of the highest quality. In fact, it’s designed to hold a whopping 15kg!

  • With a 9 cm diameter, the suction cups offer a super strong grip due to their wide wall contact.
  • The combination of an acrylic back panel and the four-corner suction cups significantly boosts weight-bearing capacity. 
  • The spacious (45 x 34.5 cm) cotton and linen nest doubles as a playground with an included scratching board that can be used on or off the hammock!
  • Can be folded away when not in use.

Please note

  • This product is suitable for pets with bodyweight 15 kg or under.
  • To ensure ultimate suction, make sure the chosen surface is dry and clean before installing, and follow the installation instructions.
  • Do not place this product where it can be easily reached by young children.

Overall dimensions: 59 x 45 x 63 cm
Nest dimensions: 45 x 34.5 cm

Acrylic, beech wood, aluminium alloy, polyester fibre.