Tea Towel - Cat Scratch


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Look at this cat, so pleased with herself because she's ripped the hell out your great-grandmother's armchair.

But you forgive her because she's the cutest, sweetest, iddy biddy schnookums that ever there was!

The Cat Scratch Tea Towel is currently sold out, but more are on their way! Purrlease get in touch to be notified of when they arrive.

Luxurious woven jacquard means the thread’s colours create the design for a sweet, tactile, vintage feel.

Brought to you by Blue-Q, a Massachusetts company with over 25 years experience in creating quality, ridiculous goods to make us giggle. They've got a serious side too with 1% of all dish towel sales revenue going to hunger relief programmes throughout the world.


Super-absorbent. 100% cotton.
71cm x 53cm